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A Message from Human Resources

Our Company Values

Driver New Hire Onboarding Training:

Welcome to our Onboarding Training for New Hires, a dynamic and engaging program designed to ensure a smooth and effective integration into our organization. These courses go beyond traditional orientation, providing a thorough exploration of our company's culture, values, policies, and operational procedures. Our goal is to empower new team members with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles and become valuable contributors to our team. 

Once you have watched the onboarding video series and successfully completed the content quizzes, a certificate of completion will be sent to you by email.

Click one of the Videos Below to Begin!

Human Resources Department

From all of us in HR, welcome to Jack Cooper! If you have questions related to company policies, benefits, training, new hire onboarding, or other HR-related matters, contact our team at: 


Diversity vs Inclusion
The Mind in the Workplace: Introduction
Mental Health
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Training Video
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