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Simon Says 2.0: Discovering Your Why

This series reconnects Jack Cooper with Simon Sinek through a new series of videos focusing on developing your reason or “why” for your role within Jack Cooper. This series will also explore tangible ways of handling criticism, working under pressure, and presentation skills.

Simon Says 2.0 - Week 5: What Empathy Looks Like

After watching the video, please review the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you agree that empathy includes curiosity? Why or why not? How do you balance curiosity with other people's privacy?

  2. Simon Says, "The person is not the problem; they have a problem." Why do you think it is the "norm" to assume the problem is the person? How can shifting your initial thoughts of a "person being a problem" to "they have a problem" be beneficial in and out of the workplace?

  3. If leadership is not about the results but about taking care of the people responsible for the results, what realistic changes can you make to display empathy in the workplace?

  4. How do you balance empathy with holding employees accountable for the work assigned to them? How does it impact other team members when you don't balance this well?

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