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The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Series

For this series, our team at Jack Cooper has created video content and compiled additional outside resources to bring you an introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and what it means here at Jack Cooper. 

Week 1: Series Introduction

Discussion Questions:

(1) Why should Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) be important in our organization?
(2) Why can it sometimes be difficult to discuss matters that involve DEI?
(3) What are some guardrails your team can put into place to ensure healthy conversations on the topic, both during and after the series?

Additional Resources:

Week 2: Diversity vs. Inclusion

Discussion Questions:

(1) Why do you think companies with more diversity perform better? 

(2) As the video stated, everyone has something to bring to the table. If you feel comfortable sharing, what is one diverse aspect of your own background that influences your perspective today? (For example: Economic status, birth order, regional, medical, etc.) 
(3) What can your team do to promote Diversity and Inclusion?

Additional Resources:

Humanize Diversity and Inclusion

Week 3: DEI in the workplace

Discussion Questions:

(1) Can you think of a time that you were stereotyped? What impact did it have on you?

(2) What are some ways in which you've experienced privilege and why is it important to recognize?
(3) Why can it be difficult to talk about privilege?

Additional Resources:

Week 4: Implicit Bias Part 1

Discussion Questions:

(1) In the very beginning of the video, it references Rich Uncle Pennybags. Were you surprised to learn he doesn't wear a monocle?

(2) How can implicit bias impact decisions in the workplace?
(3) In the end of the video, there are suggestions for overcoming implicit bias. Do you feel you can apply these suggestions to overcome your own biases?

Additional Resources:

Week 5: Implicit Bias Part 2

Discussion Questions:

(1) The types of implicit biases covered in this video are:

  • Perception Bias

  • Affinity Bias

  • Horn Bias

  • Halo Bias

  • Confirmation Bias

Do you have an example of when you might have witnessed or experienced one or more of these implicit biases?

(2) What can you do if you find yourself being influenced by implicit biases? How could you approach someone else who may be exhibiting bias?

Additional Resources:

Week 6: Fundamental Attribution Error and Self-Serving Bias 

Discussion Questions:

(1) Can you identify a time where you have experienced fundamental attribution error or self-serving bias? 

(2) As a team or individually, complete the following exercise:

Additional Resources:

Week 7: Blind Spots

Discussion Questions:

(1) Do you have an example of when a blind spot was revealed to you by someone else? How did you react to the revelation? Did you change your behavior as a result?

(2) How can we best engage others to reach the goal of identifying our blind spots?

Additional Resources:

Week 8: The Johari Window

Discussion Questions:

We encourage you to find a coworker, or coworkers, and complete the exercise together. 


Additional Resources:

Week 9: Microaggressions

Discussion Questions:

(1) Have you ever experienced a microaggression? How did that make you feel?

(2) Have you ever committed a 
microaggression, even if you did not realize it was a microaggression in the moment?

(3) Think of an example from the video or your personal life: How do you think this situation could have played out/been communicated differently?

Additional Resources:

Week 10: Code Switching

Discussion Questions:

(1) Can you think of an example where you have code-switched?

(2) Where do you draw the line between code-switching for the comfort of others versus compromising your identity or values?
(Ex: hiding an accent, changing appearance, acting younger/older)

(3) How can we avoid evaluating someone's performance based on external characteristics rather than merit?


Additional Resources:

In the clip below, Steve's character is trying to "act young" to get a position with a young tech firm.

Week 11: Social Media & the Workplace

Discussion Questions:

(1) Why do you think it's important to consider the implications of what you choose to post on social media?

(2) Can you think of recent event that was inappropriately referenced on social media? How did that make you feel?


Week 12: Series Conclusion

Discussion Questions:

(1) What was the most impactful video or topic that you learned about in this leadership series? Why did it stand out?

(2) Did you learn something new throughout this series? If so, what did you learn?

(3) Was there a topic that you wrestled with more than others?

Additional Resources:

Jack Cooper DEI site:

Jack Cooper DEI Sharepoint Page: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team - Home (

Jack Cooper DEI email:

Jack Cooper HR email:


If you would like additional assistance facilitating conversations around the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, you can request to have a live training with members of the HR and DEI team. Trainings are available on an individual and group level. If you are interested, please fill out the form below. 

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