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EDVIR No Defect Checkoff

Effective Immediately

Drivers must choose 'No Defect' or add a defect for each category to complete the asset inspection. Details of the update are available at:

Drivewyze PreClear

Learn more about Drivewyze - North America's largest weigh station bypass service at:

For steps to recalling the last driving instruction, visit:

Driver's Guide for Geotab


Geotab - Default Vehicle Defects List vs. CTPAT

When performing a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) for pre and post trip inspections, drivers should select the "Default Vehicle Defects List" under the checklist type. 

More information on process is available at:

Geotab Driver Training Course

This is a multi-part video series consisting of 29 training videos on using Geotab Drive ELD that is available on YouTube at the link below:

Geotab Image.JPG

Geotab Drive Walkthrough 

Logging Into Geotab Drive

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