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Simon Says 2.0: Discovering Your Why

This series reconnects Jack Cooper with Simon Sinek through a new series of videos focusing on developing your reason or “why” for your role within Jack Cooper. This series will also explore tangible ways of handling criticism, working under pressure, and presentation skills.

Simon Says 2.0 - Week 9: Try THIS the Next Time You Have an Uncomfortable Conversation

After watching the video, please review the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Simon says that discomfort is part of life and can be caused by tension with another person. How do you usually handle uncomfortable conversations? What is your go-to response when someone wants to have an uncomfortable conversation with you?

  2. Do you agree that it is essential to start uncomfortable conversations by asking permission? What step could you take if a team member declines to have an uncomfortable conversation you feel is needed?

  3. Go through an uncomfortable conversation in the workplace as a team. Role-play an uncomfortable conversation using the mnemonic F.B.I. (Feelings, Behavior, Potential Impact on a Relationship if the behavior isn't Addressed) that Simon recommends.

Come up with your own scenario or use one of the following:

  • Lydia clicks her pen throughout every team meeting. Lydia's behavior is very distracting, but you have not addressed this in the past because it seems petty. However, you recently missed an important task given to you in a meeting because you were distracted, possibly by the clicking pen. 

  • Betty recently started wearing a homemade safety vest around the yard. She spent a lot of time and effort making the vest, but it does not follow standard safety colors. Betty is very kind and has worked for the company for a long time. Her supervisor asked you for advice on how to approach her about wearing an OSHA-approved safety color. 

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