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Simon Says 2.0: Discovering Your Why

This series reconnects Jack Cooper with Simon Sinek through a new series of videos focusing on developing your reason or “why” for your role within Jack Cooper. This series will also explore tangible ways of handling criticism, working under pressure, and presentation skills.

Simon Says 2.0 - Week 8: What to Do When You Want to Give Up

After watching the video, please review the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever wanted to "give up" on a project or situation? If you didn't give up, what inspired you to keep going? If you did give up, what would have helped you to stay inspired?

  2. What does someone "having your back" look like for you? How does that positively influence you?

  3. What are ways you can show support and encouragement to others within your team or the company? 

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