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Growth & Goals with Brian Tracy

Jack Cooper's newest curated series explores content, produced by Brain Tracy, that provides simple explanations on achieving your goals.

Week 6: How to be a team player to succeed
  1. Why is knowing your role and the role your team members play essential? Is asking for clarification on a new project easier than asking about your day-to-day role? How do we create a culture where it is okay to ask for clarification on your part if you have questions?  

  2.  The key to being a successful team player is communicating effectively. How does the MAAG process enable your team to communicate effectively? Which tools do you or your team use most effectively? Which tools could be incorporated into your team’s communication?   

  3. The video states that the foundation of any team is trust. Can you share a time when you were part of a team (or share an example from TV or literature) that was built on trust. Did this trusting foundation enable the team to reach its goals? Give specific examples.  

The HR Team has put together weekly group leadership discussions.

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