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JACK Talk: Meaningful Customer Service

Join us as we explore what it means to provide meaningful customer service, JACK Talk Style

Week 4: "Responsiveness Part 3, Waits that are equitable and worth it"



  1. Have you ever experienced or witnessed unjust customer service?  How could the customer's experience have been improved? 

  2. What are ways your team can improve the quality of your work to make it more worth the wait for your customers, whether internal or external? 

  3. Over the past three videos, we have looked at five propositions from David Maister on the psychology of waiting:  

  • In-process waits feel shorter than pre-process waits 

  • Finite, known waits feel shorter than uncertain waits 

  • Explained waits feel shorter than unexplained waits 

  • Equitable waits feel shorter than unjust waits 

  • The better the value of the product, the longer customers will be willing to wait 


        Which of these propositions resonated with you the most?  Did any of these propositions surprise you? Why? 

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