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Growth & Goals with Brian Tracy

Jack Cooper's newest curated series explores content, produced by Brain Tracy, that provides simple explanations on achieving your goals.

Week 4: How to grow resiliency: Get good at feeling bad
  1. Step 1 to growing resiliency is acknowledging and taking stock of any issues or problems that arise at work or in your personal life. Why do you think this step is essential in resiliency?

  2. Step 2 mentions keeping your cool, especially when others are upset. We discussed the importance of de-escalation when problems arise with the Leadership Series with Myra Golden. Have you been able to implement any of Myra's tips or other de-escalation methods? Have they helped?

  3. The video also mentions taking action and focusing on what you can fix, not what is out of your control. Why is this so important? Do you have any examples of doing this in the past you can share with the group?


Recap of the steps: 

  • Respond to problems

  • Stay calm

  • Understand the problem

  • Avoid being the victim

  • Take action

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