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Harvard Explains It All 

Jack Cooper's newest curated series explores content produced by Harvard Business Review that provides simple explanations on important topics.

Week 3: Two-Minute Morning Practice to Make your day better


(1) Why does it help to break down your large projects and goals into daily, achievable tasks or activities? Does anyone already do this? What are your strategies? How can you incorporate this strategy by using Jack Cooper's MAAG process?


(2) Have you observed in your own experience that negative news is both (1) tempting to fixate on and (2) causes your own thoughts to be more negative, impacting your overall wellbeing? The video suggested writing what you are grateful for to overcome this phenomenon, do you have any other tips or strategies?


(3) The third strategy is to minimize regret, and correspondingly increase contentment, by focusing each day on our previous shortcomings that we will be letting go for that day. Can you both learn from your mistakes, but also "let go" or move past them at the same time? If so, how? Does anyone have any examples they can share from their experience?


(4) Do you have a morning routine that you find helpful, what does it look like? Can you share some tips from your daily routine that you find helpful that you can share with the group?

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