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Growth & Goals with Brian Tracy

Jack Cooper's newest curated series explores content, produced by Brain Tracy, that provides simple explanations on achieving your goals.

Week 3: 10 step problem solving process

1. From the list of steps below that Brian suggested, which of the following surprised you?  Which ones are your “go-to” strategies for solving problems?

  • Have a Positive Approach

  • Define the Problem

  • Think With Creativity

  • Prepare For All Outcomes

  • Brainstorm Solutions

  • Decide On the Best Solution

  • Set a Deadline - Take Responsibility

  • Solve the Problem

  • Keep Track of Your Results 

2. Why are keeping track of your results and reflecting on the data crucial to successful problem solving?​

3. Why is it important to set realistic deadlines to ensure the goal of solving your problem is met? How do "mini-goals" help you progress towards solving a problem? Hint: "Parkinson's Law is the adage that work will expand to fill the time allotted for its completion." Additional information for overcoming Parkinson's Law can be found HERE

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