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Growth & Goals with Brian Tracy

Jack Cooper's newest curated series explores content, produced by Brain Tracy, that provides simple explanations on achieving your goals.

Week 2: Stop making excuses on your goals
  1. The video mentions 4 common excuses we make that stop us from achieving our goals. (List excuses) Do you agree with this list? If so, which do you think is the easiest excuse to make and the hardest to fix? 

    • Blaming others​

    • Thinking you already know every thing

    • Not enough time

    • Not wanting to get out of our comfort zone

  2. The first excuse mentions taking blame for things even if it is not your fault? Why do you think taking blame or ownership of a problem so important? Do you think there is a time when you should not take the blame for something you didn’t do and why or why not? 

  3. What excuse is holding you back from achieving your goals and how do you remove it? (question from end of the video) 

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