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Harvard Explains It All 

Jack Cooper's newest curated series explores content, produced by Harvard Business Review, that provides simple explanations on important topics.

Week 1: Six Ways to Look More Confident During a Presentation


(1) In what situations at work do you make presentations or speak to others?  Are you generally conscientious about your hand gestures?  Do you use any of the six gestures from this video?  Which one gesture would you like to try to put into practice this week? 


(2) Thinking back to last week, how could these gestures help you when you are speaking to another person on the phone, even if they cannot see you?  (Hint: how might these gestures make you feel?) 


(3) Do you notice each of these six hand gestures have exposed palms, even the Pyramid Hands.  Based on last weeks’ episode around body language, why do you think that is? (Hint: relationship of closed palms to fight or flight response). 


(4) Have you witnessed someone use hand gestures well during a presentation? How about using them poorly?  How did the presenter make you feel?  Was that connected to their body language, content, or both? 

For more information, follow the link below to the corresponding article.

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