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Simon Says 2.0: Discovering Your Why

This series reconnects Jack Cooper with Simon Sinek through a new series of videos focusing on developing your reason or “why” for your role within Jack Cooper. This series will also explore tangible ways of handling criticism, working under pressure, and presentation skills.

Simon Says 2.0 - Week 14: No One is an Expert in Leadership

After watching the video, please review the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Influential leaders are continually learning through curiosity. Why is curiosity such an essential component of learning? Are you a curious person? How can you cultivate curiosity in yourself and your team?

  2. Simon says that the most influential leaders desire to learn every day. This series has focused on leadership and, as Simon says, "Human Skills," like active listening. Would anyone like to share something they've learned from Simon Sinek 2.0?

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