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Simon Says 2.0: Discovering Your Why

This series reconnects Jack Cooper with Simon Sinek through a new series of videos focusing on developing your reason or “why” for your role within Jack Cooper. This series will also explore tangible ways of handling criticism, working under pressure, and presentation skills.

Simon Says 2.0 - Week 13: How Cell Phones Impact Our Relationships

After watching the video, please review the following questions:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Since many of us use our phones for various necessary communications throughout the day, how do we break the habit of feeling that we "need" our cell phones in a meeting or when conversing with a client or team member? How can our expectations for immediate responses to non-urgent issues make it more difficult for others to break their dependency? 

  2. Research indicates that smartphones represent one of the most significant distractions in the workplace; even their mere presence can disrupt productivity. What practical steps can you take to "put away your cell phone" and become more engaged with tasks? For example, set aside time to talk through an issue rather than emailing back and forth. 

  3. How does it make you feel when another person has their cell phone out during your interaction? How might it help to explain that you will need to frequently check your phone or keep it nearby due to an emergency or other legitimate reason? What strategies can we use to address urgent matters without disrupting the interaction or flow of the meeting?

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