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The Mind in the Workplace

The Mind in the Workplace Series, focuses on the importance of mental health in the workplace. Mental health can be a topic that many shy away from in the workplace. Breaking the silence on this topic strengthens our ability to be inclusive and aware of challenges that others may be struggling with. Join us in this important series to learn more about mental health challenges and ways to support employees who experience mental health challenges so that everyone in the workplace can thrive.

Week 5: The Mind in the Workplace - Thanksgiving

We have been discussing the impact of mental health in the workplace, and while we prepare for the holiday this week, we want to bring awareness to the struggles some may have this time of year. Holidays are an excellent time to share joy and appreciation for togetherness, but they can be difficult for some. We hope this video helps during the holiday season.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with delicious food and joyful company.


There will be no regular MAAG check-in this week.


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