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The Mind in the Workplace

The Mind in the Workplace Series, focuses on the importance of mental health in the workplace. Mental health can be a topic that many shy away from in the workplace. Breaking the silence on this topic strengthens our ability to be inclusive and aware of challenges that others may be struggling with. Join us in this important series to learn more about mental health challenges and ways to support employees who experience mental health challenges so that everyone in the workplace can thrive.

Week 3: The Mind in the Workplace - PTSD in the Workplace

Please Note: The Mind in the Workplace series aims to educate and spread awareness about mental health disorders and their impact on the workplace. However, members of the HR team are NOT mental health professionals. The information provided should not be used to self-diagnose, nor does it fully depict the complexity of each mental health disorder referenced. We understand that mental health looks different from person to person for numerous reasons. Therefore, please use discretion and consider doing external research when viewing the videos in this series.


Discussion Questions:


1. Did this video change any stereotypes you had about PTSD?


2. The video discusses symptoms such as avoiding similar environments and becoming startled more easily. How might being aware of these types of symptoms make it easier for employers and team members to recognize potential PTSD? How can you go about approaching a struggling team member respectfully and compassionately?


3. Though triggers are a common byproduct of PTSD, they’re not exclusive to this mental health disorder, as they may result from various kinds of trauma. How could referencing triggers outside a mental health context (e.g., in a joking manner) diminish the seriousness of such stimuli? Do you think such references make it harder for individuals with PTSD and other mental health disorders to speak up about past trauma? Could it make it easier?

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