1. You should receive an email from Knowbe4 asking you to complete your training. 

  2. Follow the link in that email, which should take you to a page where you will need to enter your email address. 

  3. The next page displays a 'thank you for signing up' message.  Please check your inbox for a confirmation email.

  4. In your inbox, you receive a confirmation email from KnowBe4 asking you to Activate Your Account.  Please click on this link.

  5. Next you will be prompted to enter your name and a password.

  6. The final page will log you in and take you to the page to begin your security awareness training.

  7. To access the training (or if you want to complete in multiple sessions, to continue the security awareness training at a later date), simply browse to https://www.knowbe4.com and click Account Login.

    1. Enter your email address

    2. Enter your password

    3. You can now start/continue your training.