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Jack Cooper Leadership Series

- With Kevin McHugh

For this leadership series, we partnered with Kevin McHugh to create a unique series on ten key aspects of leadership.  

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Series Intro

1: Trust

2: Halftime Model

3: Honesty

4: Feedback

5: Vulnerability

6: Power

7: Imposter Syndrome

8: Compassion

9: Humility

10: Managing vs. Leading

Series Finale

Episode Guide:

Series Introduction

Episode 1: Trust

Episode 2: Halftime Model

Episode 3: Honesty

Episode 4: Feedback

Episode 5: Vulnerability

Episode 6: Power

Episode 7: Imposter Syndrome

Episode 8: Compassion

Episode 9: Humility

Episode 10: Managing vs. Leading

Series Finale

Kevin McHugh Leadership Series

Kevin McHugh Leadership Series

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