Week 7: Appeal to Authority (September 5-9)

Appeal to Authority Fallacy: Arguing that a position is correct because it is articulated by a person in a position of authority, for example, "the boss is always right", or with more advanced experience, training, or education. 

Discussion Questions:

(1) In the video's example, in response to Billie's concern about her team's workload, Bob states "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm the boss, so make it happen" regarding his request to increase safety observations to improve safety.

     (a) How may Bob's
response inhibit healthy discussion about safety at the facility?
     (b) What does it convey to Billie that her concerns were ignored?

(2) As a leader, when do you trust your instincts rather than follow the counsel of your team? What is the best way to communicate when you need to make an executive decision without stating "because I said so/because I'm the boss"?

) Are there any examples of the "Appeal to Authority" fallacy you've encountered in your career or your personal life?