Week 5: Emotional & Personal Incredulity (August 22-26)

The Emotional Fallacy: When a person uses emotions to manipulate support for their position, often in a way that is overstated or exaggerated.

The Personal Incredulity Fallacy: When a person argues something cannot be true because they personally find it difficult to believe or understand.

Discussion Questions:

(1) In the video's example, Bob asks Billie if she wants to be the one telling employees' children that their parent died because supervisors were too busy to take safety seriously; Billie, in turn, questions what observations have to do with reducing injuries anyway and that the research Bob cited is too complicated to follow. How can they reframe their arguments?

(2) Is there a way Bob could bring up employee's children in his argument without committing the emotional fallacy?

) Are there any examples of the "Emotional" or "Personal Incredulity" fallacies you've encountered in your career or your personal life?