Week 4: Bandwagon & Appeal to Tradition (August 15-19)

The Bandwagon/Appeal to Tradition Fallacy: When a person argues their position is correct because it is the way others are addressing the issue (bandwagon), or because it is "the way it has always been done" (appeal to tradition).

Discussion Questions:

(1) In the video's example, Bob argues that he is proposing the same number of observations being performed by Big Shipping Inc; Billie responds by stating that they have always done just two safety observations per week. How can they support their positions without committing the Bandwagon or Appeal to Tradition fallacies?

(2) How can you bring in past examples to support your argument without committing the "Appeal to Tradition" fallacy?

(3) Are there any examples of the "Bandwagon" or "Appeal to Tradition" fallacies you've encountered in your career or your personal life?