Week 3: Tu Quoque & Ad Hominem (August 8-12)

The Tu Quoque Fallacy/Hypocrisy: When a person defends a position or actions by pointing out that an opponent has made similar decisions or engaged in similar behavior in the past.

The Ad Hominem Fallacy: When a person defends their position by attacking the character of an opponent rather than the opponent's actual position.

Discussion Questions:

(1) In the video's example, Bob argues that while, Billie has stated her managers dont have time for additional observations, she added a new inventory report that takes even more time AND does street racing on Saturday nights, so she obviously does not care about safety. How would you reframe Bob's response?

(2) Do you think it is instinctual for people to respond to an argument they disagree with by shifting the focus to the other person's flaws or past behavior? If so, why?

(3) Are there any examples of the "Tu Quoque" or "Ad Hominem" fallacies you've encountered in your career or your personal life?