This series will explore common fallacies that occur in the workplace during the group decision making and planning process. The goal of the series is to help teams identify fallacies and, in doing so, foster healthy decision making and optimal outcomes.

Watch the weekly episodes here:

Week 1: Series Introduction (July 25-29)

The False AB fallacy: When a person falsely claims there are only two options, when in fact, multiple options exist.

Discussion Questions:

(1) In the example in the video, Bob is arguing that there are only 2 choices: increase safety observations or allow employees to keep getting hurt. How would you reframe Bob's response to avoid the False AB fallacy?

(2) Are there any examples of the "False AB" fallacy you've encountered in your career or your personal life?

Need help? If you are stuck and need some ideas on how to reframe the response, hover over this box.

  • Hire more employees

  • Prioritize time-management

  • Reduce workload of less important tasks

  • Explore other safety solutions