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Customer Centric presents ways that you can better serve your customers and foster healthy  from your response time to your body language. 

Week 1: Series Introduction: "Who Is My Customer?"

series intro

Week 2: "Responsiveness Part 1, In-Process vs. Pre-Process Waits"


Week 3: "Responsiveness Part 2, "Finite vs. Unknown Waits"

responsiveness pt2

Week 4: "Responsiveness Part 3, Waits that are equitable and worth it"

respons. pt3
respons. pt4

Week 5: "Responsiveness Part 4, Anticipation"

Week 6: Responsiveness Part 5 - "Preparation"

respons. pt 5

Week 7: "What Motivates Your Customer? - Part 1 Incentive Theory of Motivation"

motivate customer

Week 8: "What Motivates Your Customer? - Part 2 The Why Pivot"

motivates cust. pt2

Week 9: "Introduction to Likeability"

intro to likeability

Week 10: "Avoiding Criticism"

avoid criticism

Week 11: "Balancing Confidence with Humility"

balancing confidence

Week 12: "Body Language"

body language
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