Conflict Resolution

- With Myra Golden

3R DE-ESCALATION METHOD: Week of June 28-July 2, 2021

Discussion Question(s):

Challenge someone on your team to come up with a fact scenario to which you can apply the 3R de-escalation approach.  If you're not feeling creative, try one of the scenarios below.

Sample scenario 1:  Your location promotes several casual yard employees to  full-time.  A long-time casual who was not promoted approaches leadership and is irate he wasn't promoted too.  How can the 3R approach help? 

Sample scenario 2:  You have just completed Check-In Plus for Q2.  Sally bursts into your office screaming she is tired of being the only one on the team with negative reviews.  How can you use the 3R approach with Sally?


Now let's recap the last several weeks.  We have learned several different approaches to conflict resolution, all of which are recapped below.  In addition to the 3R approach above, which other approaches may be helpful in your hypothetical situation?

  1. Week 3: "Linking the chain" by making a statement of acknowledgement to move people from the emotional right brain to the logical left brain;

  2.  Week 4: Using the "Hot Stove Approach" by making consequences foreseeable, immediate, impersonal, and consistent;

  3. Week 5: Using the "Three W's" approach to deescalate through describing what we know, what we've done, and what's next;

  4. Week 6: Writing out "KFD" prior to confrontation to plan what you want someone to know, feel, and do based on your conversation; and

  5. Week 7: De-escalating with the "3R De-escalation Method" in which you recognize, reframe, and resolve.